Tenant and User Representation



CAST's tenant and owner/user representation team has unparalleled expertise in protecting the operational, financial, and future interests of our clients. We support our clients through every facet of the commercial real estate leasing process, from initial requirement establishment to the final walk through and move-in. Partnership with CAST provides clients with greater marketplace insight, an ability to create work environment efficiencies, and ensures maximum flexibility to adapt to changes within the commercial real estate market.


EXPERTISE: Benefit from our in-depth market knowledge, skilled negotiation tactics, and precision in navigating our clients through the leasing process.

TIME SAVINGS: CAST does the heavy lifting. We tirelessly work to identify properties that meet requirements, enabling clients to focus on what matters most - operating the business.

CAPITAL PRESERVATION: Our brokers help clients minimize expenses through lower lease rates, higher tenant improvement allowances, and by uncovering hidden costs.

ADVOCACY: We advocate on behalf of our clients throughout the entire leasing lifecycle, helping to ensure fair and equitable lease agreements. 

RELATIONSHIPS: Our reputation of excellence lends well to building and maintaining enduring connections with owners and landlords, often leading to off-market listings and exclusive deal access. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: CAST clients come first. We maintain confidentiality always, protecting client privacy and critical information.


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With a focus on front-end value creation, commitment to service, and market knowledge precision, we work as a force multiplier in helping our clients achieve their commercial real estate goals. Contact us to find out how we can serve you.

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