SANDAG's Bold Leap

SANDAG's Bold Leap

SANDAG's Bold Leap: A New Era Dawns in San Diego's Skyline

San Diego's dynamic urban landscape is about to witness a significant transformation as the city's leading transportation authority, SANDAG, secures an impressive 87,308 square feet lease for its new downtown hub. Nestled within the soaring heights of the West skyscraper on 1011 Union St., this 15-year lease, priced at approximately $4.15 per square foot, signifies not just a physical move, but a strategic leap forward.

Drawing on its visionary approach, SANDAG's new headquarters caters to its hybrid workforce model and adds a touch of sophistication by reserving space for public-facing board meetings. Embracing the ideology of "practice what we preach," the new location stands proudly near the Santa Fe Depot Train Station, embodying both convenience and environmental consciousness.

Amidst whispers of cost considerations, Hasan Ikhrata, SANDAG's executive director, explains, "It made sense financially. It made sense functionally." The agency is aligning itself with new-age efficiency while saving precious public funds. Though the price per square foot might raise eyebrows, for this $400 M project, it's quite a strategic choice. The lease terms prove more favorable than those offered by downtown counterparts, and SANDAG is optimizing its space, signaling a shift towards smart space management.

Original Publication Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

Image Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

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