San Diego's Waterfront Renaissance

San Diego's Waterfront Renaissance

San Diego's Waterfront Renaissance: The $3.6B Seaport San Diego Project Advances

Completely reimagining 102 acres of San Diego's cherished waterfront is no small feat, but developer 1HWY1 is taking on the monumental task with the $3.8 billion Seaport San Diego project.  This ambitious redevelopment has now entered the Environmental Review phase -a crucial step in bringing this visionary project to life. In the recently unveiled 163-page notice of preparation, we catch a glimpse of the potential environmental impacts, which range from air and water quality to transportation considerations.

The project scope is nothing short of astounding, with plans calling for a massive 2.7 million square feet of mixed-use construction. Plans call for 2,000+ hotel rooms spread across seven properties, 215k square feet set aside for retail and restaurant space, 220k square feet devoted to office space for ocean research, a 159 boat slip marina, 16 acres of meticulously planned parks and greenspace, and 2,250 parking spaces. The support of the Jacobs family of San Diego, among other stakeholders, shows an unwavering dedication to the future of the area and growth of the city writ large.

This transformative project progressed environmental review on September 12, 2023 after being voted on by the Port of San Diego . The Seaport San Diego project represents the city's trajectory as a leading West Coast hub and not only offers the promise of a revitalized waterfront, but embodies the spirit of innovation and sustainability that will come to define  America’s Finest City.

Original Publication Credit: San Diego Tribune

Image Credit: San Diego Tribune

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