San Diego To Reclaim Highly Coveted  Waterfront Property After 74 Years

San Diego To Reclaim Highly Coveted Waterfront Property After 74 Years

San Diego To Reclaim Highly Coveted  Waterfront Property After 74 Years

The story begins back in 1949 when the U.S. Navy inked a 100-year lease with the City of San Diego for the Embarcadero property, which later came under the jurisdiction of the Port of San Diego in 1962. Fast forward to today, and the land lease will be concluded decades ahead of schedule - a historic milestone for our city and a huge opportunity for its popular Embarcadero waterfront.

What lies ahead for this 3.4-acre site, surrounded by upscale hotels and Lane Field Park? The possibilities are vast. With the lease termination, plans for additional parks, improved access, and modernized recreational facilities are on the horizon. Possibilities Include extending Lane Field Park along Harbor Drive, creating pedestrian promenades, and enhancing mobility connections, all of which will continue the neighborhood’s transformation into a vibrant waterfront hub.

This landmark agreement underscores the strong partnership between San Diego, The Port Authority, and the Navy - a testament to a shared vision toward regional development and growth. Navy will continue to use the property during its transition period (expected to last between two to four years).The Port Authority has committed to fund Navy-selected projects for new facilities or improvements at a cost not to exceed$5.75 million. This strategic collaboration serves as yet another positive marker of progress in San Diego's ongoing evolution.

Original Publication Credit: San Diego Tribune

Image Credit: San Diego Tribune

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