Institutional Focus: Basic Human Necessities

Institutional Focus: Basic Human Necessities

​'Basic Human Necessities' is Where CRE Opportunities Exist

According to the annual survey conducted by DLA Piper Global Real Estate of their 500+ real estate lawyers, institutional investors continue to allocate a significant portion of their investments to needs-based real estate.

The survey highlights the growth of basic services considered as 'human necessities,' such as medical offices, grocery-anchored retail stores, and senior housing. Medical offices have seen a significant increase in institutional allocation from 28% to 37%, while grocery-anchored retail stores have risen from 22% to 27%. Senior housing, in particular, has experienced substantial growth, climbing from 13% to 25%.

The survey also indicates strong investor interest in affordable or workforce housing development opportunities, with 90% of respondents expressing a desire to increase or maintain their investment in senior housing.


Original Publication Credit: Globest

Image Credit: SF Chronicle

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