Going Green, Capital sourced from Solar

Going Green, Capital sourced from Solar

For an Alternative Source of Liquidity, Look to Solar?

Commercial real estate owners often face challenges in sourcing capital for property improvements. However, there's a new creative solution that can benefit both the bottom line and the environment: solar power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Solar PPAs offer a range of potential benefits, including reduced energy costs, diversified investment opportunities, alignment with sustainability goals, enhanced property value, and positive environmental impact.

While the decision to switch to solar should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, exploring the potential of solar PPAs can provide commercial real estate owners with an intriguing avenue to boost liquidity, lower operational expenses, attract environmentally conscious tenants, and tap into renewable energy incentives and tax benefits.

Are solar PPAs the answer that commercial real estate owners have been waiting for?


Original Publication Credit: Globest

Image Credit: Building Enclosure

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